The city of Kimberley plows streets by priority after a snowfall. Bulletin file.

The city of Kimberley plows streets by priority after a snowfall. Bulletin file.

City of Kimberley Operations gives snow removal plan yearly tweak

It’s been a mostly snowless start to our winter season so far, but we all know it’s coming.

The City of Kimberley has a snow removal plan which they tweak a bit each year to ensure it is as efficient as possible. Operations Manager Chris Mummery presented the tweaked plan to Council last week at their regular meeting.

More information on the plan is available at but here are some of the highlights.

Residents have responsibilities as well when the snow comes.

Remove all unused vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. from the streets, and insure they are not blocking clear passage in lanes.

Park vehicles off City streets and avenues while snow removal is in progress or when snow removal signage is in place.

Remove snow and ice from sidewalks fronting their properties.

Note that the City will not clear windrows from private driveways.

Stay well back from sand trucks and plows. Remember that snow plows are heavy vehicles with limited visibility. Be patient and keep a safe distance behind snow plows and sanding equipment. Drive cautiously and defensively.

Advise children not to play on or in snow banks adjacent to roads and to remain well away from snow removal equipment.

Not place steel posts or rocks on boulevards as markers, as these cause damage to City vehicles and injury to City personnel. Anyone responsible for such installations will be held liable for injury or damage they cause.

Plowing priorities

When a snowfall occurs the city Operations department has priorities; those being the main streets and emergency access routes with hill, then other main streets, and finally local streets.

The main streets and hills are completed first. This ensures that traffic can access such facilities as the schools, special care facilities, the central business area and the ski hill area.

Next completed are collector streets, which may not have steep terrain but do have heavy volumes of traffic. These streets include Rotary Drive, Knighton Road and Jim Ogilvie Way. Residential streets are then attended to. During weekends and statutory holidays, the City generally services only first priority streets.

If another snowfall occurs before crews have been able to clear all residential streets, the main streets and major routes are cleared again.