Make sure you are only recycling approved items.

Make sure you are only recycling approved items.

City of Kimberley reminds residents to sort recycling

Not everything can go in the curbside cart but it can go to the Transfer Station

The City of Kimberley is reminding residents that there are certain items that do not belong in your recycling cart, but can be taken to the Kimberley Transfer Station.

Among those items that are finding their way into some carts are plastic bags, overwrap and glass.

Allowable materials include packaging and printed paper including newspapers, boxboard packaging, cardboard, plastic bottles, jars and jugs, plastic or paper take-out cups, bowls and lids, and metal cans.

Residents will still be required to bring glass, foam packaging, plastic and lined plastic bags, and hazardous materials to the recycling depot at the Transfer Station.

Residents are asked to place the cart wheels of the recycling bin against the curb outside your residence without impeding roadways or bike lanes. the arrows on the lid should point to the street.

Please leave at least a meter of space around your cart and keep the cart away from any barriers like cars, poles or utility boxes. If you have no curb place the cart with the arrows pointing out o the gravel shoulder. Your cart should be out by 7 a.m. but not before 5 a.m.

Not recycling properly can reduce the ability to effectively recycle material or meet the requirements of recycling markets. If the material can be recovered, the commodity value of recyclables can be reduced. In some cases, material may be recyclable, but only when collected separately from other materials and very clean. Some material is not well suited to being mixed with other recyclables in curbside/multi-family recycling programs.

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