Kimberley City Council met on Mnday, October 26,2020.

City of Kimberley to apply for grants for public washrooms in Platzl and Platzl parking lot improvements

Both grants under same program

The City of Kimberley has the opportunity to apply for two grants under a new Community Economy Recovery Infrastructure Program, which will help communities recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Public washrooms in Platzl

One of the grants the City will apply for will help with costs of new public washrooms in the Platzl, a project that is long overdue, says Mayor Don McCormick.

The Platzl has two available public washroom facilities – one located at the Tourism Centre and one at the ice cream shack at the corner of Wallinger and Ross Street.

Many businesses are inundated with public requests to use washroom facilities from people who are not customers, says a staff report on the grant application.

The City aims to install a portable washroom facility closer to the centre of the Platzl. This will be a pre-fabricated washroom with toilet, sink and enough room to wheel a baby carriage, or wheelchair, inside. There will be no mirror in order to limit the amount of time a person spends inside. A lock-box with a key will be placed on the outside of the facility for emergency access and a small space will be available for storage of cleaning supplies.

The washroom would be open until 9 p.m. in the evening.

The project is estimated to cost $160,000 and the CERIP would fund 100 per cent of the costs.

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Platzl Parking Lot

The second CERIP grant the City will apply for will be for the Platzl parking lot.

The main Platzl parking lot is in need of redevelopment. The patchwork-paved space is unwelcoming at best and a severe safety issue at worst. It is time to overhaul this space. The revitalization will include the removal of all of the old pavement and speedbumps. The retaining wall that runs down the centre of the lot will be moved to make room for angle parking at the top portion of the lot. New sidewalks will be installed down the laneway that will meet or exceed accessibility standards. Sidewalks will also be replaced on Ross Street so that they too meet or exceed accessibility standards. New trees will be planted along with natural drainage opportunities. Lighting will be added to trees to make it a welcoming space. New signage will guide the way to all amenities.

The cost of this project is estimated at $850,000.

City CAO says there is a window of two years to complete the work, which will allow time for rehab of underground infrastructure before the surface work begins. He also said that the City had met with the Sustainable Kimberley group and discussed some of their ideas for the parking lot.


City of Kimberley to apply for CBT grant for Platzl improvements

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