Clovechok get Tourism, Arts and Culture critic in shadow cabinet

Doug Clovechok is the MLA for Columbia River Revelstoke.

Doug Clovechok is the MLA for Columbia River Revelstoke.

The BC Liberal party announced its shadow cabinet on Thursday, August 3 — those MLAS who will work as critics for various government ministries.

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA will share the role of Tourism, Arts and Culture critic with MLA Michelle Stillwell.

“I’m really excited to get this opportunity,” Clovechok said. “I am excited to work with Michelle. She is a parlaympic gold medal winning athlete. She’s focused and knowledgable. I think we’ll make a good team.”

Clovechok says he has plenty of history in the tourism industry, both on the operational and development side.

“And of course in this riding, Columbia River Revelstoke, tourism is the bread and butter.

“There’s a lot to be done. We’e both seen the mandate letter given to the Minister and we’ll hold her accountable.”

The Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture is the Honourable Lisa Beare.

Asked about dual critics for certain ministries, Clovechok says it’s simply due to having a lot of skill.

“There is so much strength in our caucus, to have people not actively engaged would be absurd,” he said.

Clovechok is looking forward to getting right to work. He says he’s already spoken to Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick regarding the Resort Municipality Initiative and the funding formula around it.

“There’s lots of work to do. The Legislature will sit again on September 8 and we’ll get right to it.”