Clovechok outspent Macdonald in May election

Across the province and in this riding, NDP was outspent

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald (NDP) said before last May’s provincial election that his party would be outspent by the BC Liberals, and he was correct.

Elections BC released the financial reports from all candidates this week and in this riding and across the province the BC Liberals outspent the NDP, Greens and Conservatives.

While the Liberals did carry the day on May 14 with a majority win that came as something of a surprise to pollsters, in this riding Macdonald retained his seat with 48 per cent of the vote while the BC Liberals Doug Clovechok received 36 per cent, Earl Olsen of the BC Conservatives took 9 per cent and Laurel Ralston of the Greens 7 per cent.

Olsen and Ralston had small expenditures and donations. Olsen took in $$8,200 in donations and spent $7,546 while Ralston took in $1435 and spent $1117.

Macdonald had total expenditures of $33,271.30. He spent nothing on media advertising, but did spend $10,490 on brochures, newsletters and signs.

Clovechok spent a total of $86,050.33 on his campaign. He spent $385.20 on media advertising before the writ dropped and $15,941.73 during the campaign itself. He also spent $1,419 on brochures and signs before the campaign and $11,007.81 during.

Macdonald received $48,046.77 in transfers from the provincial NDP; Clovechok received $77,217.24 from the BC Liberals.

As for donations, Clovechok received $20,009 in contributions over $250 and $4,049 in contributions less than $250 for a total of $24,058.

Macdonald received $3,021.07 in contributions over $250 and $132 under $250 for a total of $3,142.07.

In all, Macdonald’s total income was $51,439.84 and Clovechok’s was $101,976.69.

Both men retain healthy balances in their campaign accounts; Macdonald with $19,665.51 and Clovechok with $23,608.06.