Clovechok visits Kimberley Council

Bc Liberal candidate pressed on Jumbo position by Coun. Darryl Oakley

Doug Clovechok is the BC Liberal candidate for Columbia River Revelstoke.

Doug Clovechok is the BC Liberal candidate for Columbia River Revelstoke.

BC Liberal candidate Doug Clovechok visited Kimberley City Council this past Monday, April 24 to introduce himself. He is the second candidate to speak to Council. The NDP’s Gerry Taft visited earlier in the campaign.

Clovechok spoke to Council about the varied experiences in his background that he felt made him a good candidate to be an MLA. He said he’d always been politically active and the fact that the’d come so close to success in the 2013 election led him to work very hard for the past four years.

“I believe with all my heart that the BC Liberals will form government,” he said. “In the 1990s, BC was dead last and now are number one. This government is doing a good and strong job.”

Clovechok said he’d work hard on issues in Kimberley, which included Resort Municipality funding, speeding up the process of dealing with contamination from the Sullivan Mine.

“My job is to build relationships and serve the people of this riding,” he said. “I have a massive amount of life skills that are applicable.”

With the floor turned over for questions from Council, he was asked by Coun. Darryl Oakley about his support for Jumbo and where he stands now.

“It has nothing to do with me,” Clovechok said. “That development is with the Supreme Court now. I’ve made it very public that I am done with it. I will focus on things that will bring economic success to this region.”

Oakley asked if Clovechok would be in favour of Jumbo if the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the developers.

“If the court rules in favour of the proponent, my job is to make sure they have the environmental assessment, which they no longer have. My job is to promote jobs. Jumbo has been very divisive. It’s time to start some healing.”