Clovechok will run for BC Liberals

COTR campus manager will take another run at Columbia River Revelstoke

Doug Clovechok will run in Columbia River Revelstoke for the BC Liberals.

Doug Clovechok will run in Columbia River Revelstoke for the BC Liberals.

Doug Clovechok ran for the B.C. Liberals in the last provincial election and lost out to incumbent Norm Macdonald (NDP). If you ask Clovechok about that experience, he will say he learned a lot from it, and will also candidly admit, he’s been running ever since.

It was made official at the nominating meeting of the BC Liberal Riding Association in Revelstoke last Saturday.

“It was the official launch of the rocket,” Clovechok said with a smile. “We had a good turnout, about 65 to 70 people, and there was great energy.

“I decided to run again on May 15, 2013. We came pretty close and did pretty well in the polls, even in Golden (incumbent Macdonald’s home turf).

“I have been really active on working on files in this riding since then. The Premier always introduces me as the longest running non-elected MLA in B.C.”

It’s time to get elected, he said.

“I’ve been working really hard on the executive of the BC Liberal Party, though I’ve stepped down since I officially became a candidate. I learned how the process works and I believe I’m a stronger candidate. I spent a lot of time listening to constituents throughout the riding.

“You’re not going to see me being as combative, not that I won’t drop gloves if I need to but I think listening and collaboration are key. I’ve found that even if someone doesn’t have the same ideology or political perspective, it doesn’t me we can’t work together.”

One of the key points of Clovechoks campaign in 2013 was that with a riding as large as Columbia River Revelstoke, there needed to be advisory committees in the four major centres of Revelstoke, Golden, Columbia Alley and Kimberley. He will run on that again.

“These advisory boards will help the MLA work on key projects and hopefully hold the MLA’s feet to the fire. The board doesn’t need to be all B.C. Liberals, maybe someone who supports the Green Party or NDP wants to sit on it. I want to bring all four groups together at least yearly to talk as a riding about what we can do together.”

Clovechok says it’s all about accountability.

“You are hiring me to do a job, to be accountable and show measurable results. There haven’t been a lot of measurable results in Columbia River Revelstoke, and it’s a fair question to an MKA, what have I done to earn it?

“Norm Macdonald has been an opposition MLA for 12 years, I have respect for his contribution, but what’s his legacy. It’s all about putting rubber on the road and I haven’t seen a lot of tire tracks in Columbia River Revelstoke.

“I’m ready and excited about our chances.”

Clovechok says that running a second time means his name is recognized in this riding and he plans to be very active.

“We’re going to be knocking on a lot of doors this summer, I will be MCing a number of events. Here in Kimberley, I am co-MC at Lobsterfest, I’ll be at the opening celebration for Cherry Creek Park, and the JulyFest parade.”

He believes his support in Kimberley is far greater than it was four years ago.

“Last time we had lots of committed volunteers but it wasn’t enough. We have more volunteers right now in Kimberley than I could have imagined four years ago. Kimberley is one of our key battleground, I believe we are going to do well.”