Contractor wants $187,000 in additional flume costs

City and contractor may be headed to arbitration on flume cost overrun

The upstream side of the flume rehab is complete.

The upstream side of the flume rehab is complete.

The Mark Creek flume rehab project is behind scheduled and looking at a finishing date in December.

The contractor, CopCan, has submitted a letter to city hall detailing delay costs of $187,019.

Kimberley City Council is concerned about this potential cost overrun, but City CAO Scott Sommerville said the matter may end up before the courts.

“We’ve declined to entertain their request for more money,” he said Monday evening at the regular meeting of council. “It will presumably go to arbitration.”

Sommerville said that he and Mayor Don McCormick had discussed the matter and agreed that during phase one of the flume, the city didn’t do a good job of making the public aware of issues as they arose. They agreed to share the letter from CopCan with the public as it was not a legal issue yet.

As for progress to this week, all flume construction upstream of the Wallinger Street Bridge is complete with the exception of the removal of the bypass dam structure.

Downstream the drop structure (waterfall) is complete and a cobble bottom has been installed in the Wallinger Pond. The existing concrete flume structure downstream of the Wallinger Street Bridge is in the process of being removed and the forming of the new concrete flume structure will be starting soon.