CO’s have traps out for Kimberley grizzlies

Two traps have been set and bears being tracked by conservation officers

The bears haven't been aggressive and appear only interested in fruit trees

The bears haven't been aggressive and appear only interested in fruit trees

Conservation Officers continue to try to track two grizzly bears who made repeated appearances in Kimberley last week. Last Thursday (September 12) the bears were seen in the late afternoon in the vicinity of McKim School.

CO Joe Carravetta says there are three Conservations Officers out looking for the bears and two traps set, but so far the bears have eluded capture.

The good news, Carravetta says, is that so far the bears are not exhibiting any aggressive behaviour.

“Of all the reports we’ve had — and we thank people for keeping us informed — there is no report of aggressive behaviour. They are mainly seen at night, except for about 4 o’clock Thursday afternoon, and they are more interested in fruit trees than anything else.”

Traps have been set but it is difficult because the bears aren’t particularly sticking to one area.

“They keep moving around. We are trying to track them, but our officers haven’t actually seen them yet. Right now it’s an ongoing assessment. We are paying close attention to them. So far they haven’t caused a situation where we would have to take adverse action.”

Fruit trees are very full this year and Carravetta says there are reports around the region of grizzlies getting into fruit trees, although right now Kimberley is the only place with them active right in town.

“Trees are hanging with fruit everywhere. We ask that if you are not going to eat it, pick it anyway. Give the fruit to the food bank. No attractants, no bears.”

Please report all sightings of the bears to the provincial RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.