Cranbrook internet child luring investigation leads to the U.K.

Lengthy and highly complex investigation, local RCMP say

  • Apr. 20, 2015 12:00 p.m.

For the Bulletin

A 27 year old British man has been sentenced in the U.K. relating to an internet child luring investigation that involved a Cranbrook youth.

In November 2012, a young boy in Cranbrook accessed a well-known Internet website to chat and meet strangers while his parents were not home. The boy subsequently connected with a number of strangers he met on the site using the video camera on his laptop. The young boy was coaxed into showing his genitals online by his “new friends”. When the youths parents got home and discovered what had happened they immediately contacted the Cranbrook RCMP.

An Internet Investigator with the Cranbrook RCMP commenced an investigation which subsequently lead to a suspect residing in Britain.  Based on information provided by Cranbrook RCMP, British authorities commenced an investigation and in doing so were able to obtain and execute search warrants.

“This was a very lengthy and complex investigation” explained S/Sgt. Dubnyk.  “It is a great example of police agencies ability to share information and assist one another in identifying and tracking down “on line” sexual predators regardless of geographical distances.  It is also a stark reminder of the need for parents to become educated about computer technologies and to maintain open dialogue regarding their children’s online activities” Dubnyk added.