Kimberley councillor Darryl Oakley has announced he will not run for council again, but will run for school board

Kimberley councillor Darryl Oakley has announced he will not run for council again, but will run for school board

Darryl Oakley to run for school board after three terms on council

After three terms on Kimberley City Council, Darryl Oakley has announced that he will not run for a seat on council in the municipal election this fall.

However, he is not getting out of political life completely, as he says he is going to run for School Board Trustee in the Kimberley zone.

“I want to stay in governance,” he said. “I enjoy it. But I’m craving change.

“I am keen to put my experience in governance and education to supporting the students learning journey in the most effective manner possible.

“I am a huge supporter of infrastructure renewal and will support the changes needed for after school care as required by the Ministry of Education and Child Care ( MOECC). The process to create licensed spaces in McKim and Lindsay Park will require significant attention.

“The Ministry of Education and Child Care ( MOECC) will also be tasking schools with the creation of early learning and childcare Centres. Again, changes to infrastructure will be significant.”

Other issues that Oakley believes will need attention are:

– new primary school in Invermere

– HVAC upgrades

– Lighting upgrades at McKim

– New e-bus for Kimberley

Mental Health initiatives will need targeted funding .

“We do not know the full impact of the global pandemic, so building support capacity within the schools is very important,” he said.

Oakley also says that he is seeking this change because he believes there should be turnover at all political levels every now and then.

“I’ve done my best but it’s time for me to move on,” he said. “It’s time for other people with different ways of thinking and looking at things to get on board. Change it up.

“I don’t want to be completely free of governance.It’s a service that needs to be done in a democracy.”

With that said, he encourages people, especially young people, to take a run for council. He says that while some might be concerned about potential abuse, he said not to worry.

“Some people are passionate about local politics, but at the municipal level it’s relatively reasonable. I would encourage those who are on social media complaining to throw their hat in the ring.”

He also said the time commitment is not that onerous.

“It’s about time management. I don’t think it’s a huge barrier. If you factor in time spend preparing for meetings, I think it’s about ten hours a week. It sounds like a lot but it’s not.

“Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kimberley. It’s been an absolute honour to be on council. It’s a lot of work but a huge honour. I challenge younger people to give it serious consideration. Kimberley is the best small town in B.C. Do your part to keep it that way.”

Oakley says that in addition to seeking a school board trustee seat, he will also be getting involved in Nature Park volunteering.