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Earth moves under Kimberley

Seismic sites are starting to report activity near Kimberley this evening
The Cascadia Subduction Zone, located in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and southwestern British Columbia, has hosted magnitude ≥8.0 megathrust earthquakes in the geologic past, a future earthquake is imminent, and the potential impacts could cripple the region. Subduction zone earthquakes represent some of the most devastating natural hazards on Earth. USGS

Did you just feel the earth shake, Kimberley. Early reports from seismic sites are picking it up.

from volcano

We are receiving unverified early reports of ground shaking possibly caused by seismic activity in or near Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada on 5 Feb 2023 (GMT) at approximately 04:40 GMT.

There are no details yet on the magnitude or depth of this possible quake. If confirmed, we can expect more accurate data to emerge in the next few minutes. The location, magnitude and time mentioned are indicative, based on our best-fit seismic model. They are temporary until our AllQuakes monitoring service receives more exact scientific data from a national or international seismological agency. Check back here shortly and stay safe.

The website is now confirming 3.9 quake 41 km (26 mi) NW of Kimberley

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