East Kootenay Energy Diet continues

Opportunity for homeowners to receive subsidy on home energy assessments

The City of Kimberley will continue to participate in the East Kootenay Energy Diet by providing $100 rebates for homeowners planning renovations to save energy.

Of particular interest in Kimberley are single family homes that heat primarily with heating oil or propane. Twenty-three Kimberley residents took advantage of the subsidies last year to have pre and post retrofit assessments done on their homes.

The funding, capped at $5,000, for the Kimberley subsidies comes out of the operating budget of the city’s planning department. This will provide $100 for pre-retrofit assessment for the first 25 households and $100 toward the post-retrofit assessment, and incentives for fuel switching and insulation upgrades.

As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, the city of Kimberley has committed to reducing greenhouse gases and must report yearly on its efforts to do so. Providing incentives for homeowners to become more energy efficient or switch to lower cost, cleaner heating fuels helps the City meet those commitments.

The Regional District of East Kootenay has also committed to continuing the program.

More information on the East Kootenay Energy Diet can be found at www.eked.ca