Enrolment numbers stay flat in Kimberley

Kimberley will have 1,085 students in th3 2013-2014 school year

School District 6 staff are busy finalizing the report of enrolment numbers that will be submitted to the Ministry of Education based on numbers as of September 30.

However, preliminary reports show that although enrolment continues to decline, that decline is slowing.

“We are still declining as a District but the trend is flattening significantly, and appears to be pretty much flat in Kimberley,” said School District 6 Superintendent Paul Carriere.

A good number to look at is the difference between students graduating Grade 12 and entering Kindergarten. For the past ten years or so that number has shown many more students graduating than beginning school.

In Kimberley for this year, there are 79 students projected to be  graduating, with 77 entering kindergarten. While those numbers are down from 10 years ago when graduating classes were over 100 students, they are also up in terms of how many are entering Kindergarten. There are also two large classes following this year’s Grade 12s. There are 96 Grade 11 students this year and 112 Grade 10s.

Kimberley is projected to have 1,085 students in the various schools this year or 1013.8 Full Time Equivalent students.  That’s down only three students from last year and up 15 from 2010-2011. There are 332 students in the two elementary schools, 294 at McKim and 436 at Selkirk.

The Windermere Zone is down 18 students with 1,090 FTE students and Golden is down 16.5 with 860 FTE students.

District wide, that’s 2,965 students, down 38.4 from the previous year.