Flowers for Marysville too

Volunteers would be required to keep flowers watered in Marysville

If the city buys flower baskets for the Platzl, shouldn’t they buy them for Marysville as well?

That question was brought up at the Mayor’s lunch on Wednesday. It was pointed out that a great deal of Kimberley’s tourist traffic arrives from the south and most stop in Marysville to take a walk to the falls, and hanging baskets on the main street would make it much more attractive.

That was fair comment, said Mayor Don McCormick.

“When we think of Kimberley retail business we tend to think of the Platzl only but Marysville has quietly become quite vibrant. There aren’t a lot of vacant buildings and there are some interesting businesses.”

The problem is not that the City doesn’t want to buy hanging baskets for Marysville, the problem is how to water them, McCormick said.

The Platzl baskets are watered with an automatic watering system which was installed when the Platzl revitalization was done. Because the revitalization was partially paid for by businesses, the watering system was as well.

The City also has a small tractor which waters planters in the downtown core but it would take a great deal of time to get it down to Marysville and back every day.

McCormick said the City would be happy to purchase flowers but at this point the only way to water them would be for volunteers to step up.