Food Bank in need of directors

Plenty of volunteers but active directors required to help with planning, events

The Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank has just completed its year end and will be reporting to its members at an upcoming meeting that they handed out a total of 1644 hampers in 2014 at a total cost of $223,210.12. That total includes estimated price of donated food as well as cash spent.

As always a large portion of the 4,223 people fed in the past year were children (1,841).

The need never goes away says longtime Food Bank president Stan Salikin and the Kimberley Food Bank is especially fortunate to have a hard working and dedicated team of volunteers to help out.

What the Food Bank Society lacks at the moment is directors.

“We normally have eight directors, but we have four openings,” Salikin said.

While directors are also volunteers, they get much more involved planning, organizing, setting policies and fundraising than the standard volunteer does.

“We don’t expect you to spend all your life there, but we do want you to be active and believe in the philosophy of food banks,” Salikin said.

Anyone wishing to become a Food Bank director can call the Kimberley Food Bank at 250-427-5522 and speak to Heather Smith, or call her at home at 250-427-2018. You can also call Stan at 250-520-0055.