The city was not successful in getting a grant for Civic Centre board and slab replacement. Bulletin file

Grant application for Civic Centre board and slab replacement unsuccessful

Kimberley has been unsuccessful in pursuing a grant for $879,960 to help with the costs of a $1.2 million project to replace the slab and boards at the Civic Centre.

But it may not be possible to defer the project much longer. Chief Financial Officer Jim Hendricks reported to Council last week that the project may have to go ahead pending results of a building condition assessment currently underway. In that case, alternate funding will have to be found.

Replacing the Civic Centre/Curling Rink chiller was also to be done at the same time, as it seemed logical that it occur at the same time as the board/slab replacement. The chiller has a life expectancy of 20 years and was installed in 2005. This project will be moved to 2023 to allow for more opportunities to pursue funding.

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