Grizzlies now in Marysville

Bear pair seen several times Monday in 310th Avenue area

In the continuing saga of Kimberley’s wandering bruins, two grizzly bears were spotted in Marysville at just before 6 a.m. Monday morning.

Sharon Ekskog says her husband saw them walking down 310th Avenue in Marysville as he was heading to work.

“He called to let me know,” she said. “They weren’t aggressive, they were just lumbering down the street making the dogs go nuts.”

The bears were also seen later in the day in the same area of 310th and 311th.

The bears have been spotted around Kimberley daily for the past week or so. They have been reported along Rotary Drive, along Mark Creek and near McKim School.

Conservation Officers want to avoid putting the bears down if at all possible. They do have traps out but so far have been unsuccessful in luring the bears into one.  They hope to be able to relocate the bears.

As long as the bears don’t exhibit any aggressive behaviour, CO’s will continue to track them.

Residents are asked to pick their fruit and control attractants. Call the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7297 to report a bear sighting.