Heroin, crack cocaine, meth seized in Cranbrook

24 year old man from Burnaby charged with Possession of Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking

A 24 year old male from Burnaby remains in custody after appearing before a Judicial Justice of the Peace charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking. The subject was located and arrested near the Tamarack Mall in Cranbrook just before noon on Wednesday, July 16 and appeared before the Justice Thursday.

An investigation by the Cranbrook Drug and General Investigation Section led to the arrest, and the seizure of a number of drugs.

Heroin, crack cocaine and $1100 cash were seized at the time of arrest, reports Cpl. Chris Newel of the RCMP.

“Subsequent to the arrest police were able to obtain a search warrant for his residence on 2nd Street North,” Newel said. “Once inside police located more crack cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

“Seized were approximately 80 grams of crack cocaine, over 22 grams of meth, 53 points of heroin and over two grams of cocaine.  Cocaine is typically sold in one half to one gram quantities; heroin is sold by the point (pt) with one point usually being a hit or dose. The combined street value of the drugs is over $10,000.”

After his appearance, the subject was released with conditions including $10,000 bail, not to be within 50 km of Cranbrook, a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew and not to possess a cell phone.

As of Thursday afternoon, July 18, the subject remained in custody as bail had not been posted.

“Police continue to target those involved in the drug trade and are committed to keeping our community safe,” Newel said.

A name has not been released as the subject has not appeared in court.

“A bail hearing does not address the allegation, only whether they can be released or not, so it’s not considered a court appearance,” Newel said.