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Townsite stairs, St. Mary’s Ave. footbridge moving forward


Two important pieces of Kimberley infrastructure are in the process of moving forward; the Townsite stairs and the new footbridge over St. Mary’s Avenue.

The stairs have been under discussion for quite some time, ever since they were vandalized earlier this year when unknown persons rolled heavy rocks down them. Council has discussed the issue thoroughly, as many Townsite residents have been pressing for the stair’s repair.

Mayor Ron McRae says the stairs will be repaired, but to a level that can deal with safety and liability issues as well.

“It doesn’t make sense to fix them to a point that they can be used and not deal with safety and liability issues at the same time,” he said.

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He said the it was hoped the work would begin this fall, depending on the availability of materials and city crews.

The other big project people are waiting on is the foot bridge to replace the vehicle bridge over St. Mary’s Avenue, which was taken out last year as part of the flume rehab project.

The removal of the bridge was somewhat controversial at the time, as residents of the Leadenhall, Beale Street area were concerned about exiting from the top of Leadenhall.

“We are hopeful the footbridge will be put in this year,” McRae said.

“It’s going to be quite an impressive structure.”