Jack Ratcliffe announces retirement

Longtime Councillor will not run again in municipal election

At the regular meeting of City Council this past Monday evening, Coun. Jack Ratcliffe put an end to speculation about his intentions, by announcing he would not run for re-election this November.

“At this moment, my intention is not to run,” said the 86-year old Ratcliffe. “To paraphrase General MacArthur, ‘old soliders never die, they just fade away’.”

Ratcliffe also said he would not expect any fuss to be made over him, as he was adequately feted when he first retired six years ago. He returned three years ago for one more term.

“When I retired six years ago at age 80, there was a big do,” he said. “I received more plaudits than I probably deserved. This time I don’t want anything, though I wouldn’t say no to a piece of cake.”

At the same time, Albert Hoglund announced he would be running for another term. Coun. Bev Middlebrook also indicated she would be running again. Watch for interviews with both of them in coming editions of the Bulletin.

Currently, six people have now announced for council. They are Sandra Roberts, Kent Goodwin, Darryl Oakley, Brent Bush, Hoglund and Middlebrook. Coun. Don McCormick has announced he will run for Mayor.