Jason McBain will be running for a second term on Council. Bulletin file

Jason McBain will be running for a second term on Council. Bulletin file

Jason McBain seeks second council term

Jason McBain will be running for a second term on Kimberley City Council and says he is excited and motivated to do so.

“Kimberley is a city that is growing relatively rapidly and although we face similar problems as many of our neighbouring communities, there are certainly challenges that are unique to BC’s Best Small Town,” he said.

McBain says the city has made great strides in chipping away at projects to address aging infrastructure, but there is much more to be done. He says making sure pipes, roads and bridges continue to be replaced/renewed would remain his primary focus.

And that means the replacement of the waste water treatment plants well.

“It is a massive investment to be sure, but it is a necessary project that will be a huge step in the right direction to improve our quality of life – especially for residents of Marysville. Additionally, knowing that we are experiencing a high level of growth makes the investments in infrastructure even more important to ensure we meet the capacity needs for new residential, commercial, and light industrial growth.”

McBain recognizes the challenge that affordable housing is in Kimberley.

“Current council understands that Kimberley has a changing demographic with many younger families moving to town,” he said. “City staff have worked very hard to come up with solutions to give residents more options in terms of housing type and density. It is not an overnight process – the success in rebranding Kimberley into a desirable destination has also created the challenge of increased interest and creating the supply to meet this demand takes time. I believe it is very important that we continue to work towards getting a balanced inventory of housing that better meets the needs of our residents. Having four of my children at or nearing adulthood, I am very concerned for our future generations with respect to affordable housing.”

McBain says that Kimberley’s tax revenue is heavily skewed to residential taxpayers. He believes the city must seek non-residential revenue streams.

“Attracting more commercial and light industrial businesses to town will help with paying for the infrastructure deficits I mentioned previously. We have a strong business community in town that has shown tremendous fortitude and adaptability recently. Their successes are proof that Kimberley does not have to be a bedroom community for our neighbour to the southeast – businesses can come here and thrive.”

Finally, he says the past four years have been interesting and has learned a great deal since first elected.

“Mayor McCormick and the other members of Council each have brought different perspectives and skill sets to the table, and I am proud of the way we have functioned during a lot of unanticipated adversity. Whether I am successful in being re-elected to Council or not, I will continue to adhere to our slogan of being mindful of all. I am extremely proud to be able to work, live, and play in my hometown. It is truly a good place to be.”


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