Kimberley adopts zoning change for sun mine land

Taylor’s Mill development president has concerns with solar project

Kimberley City Council gave final adoption to a bylaw to a zoning change for the Sun Mine lands last week. It was a unanimous vote by Council to pass it, and the zoning was questioned by only one proponent.

That proponent — Fraser Armstrong from Taylor’s Mill Properties Inc. — has some concerns about how the Sun Mine would affect a potential residential development, particularly with regards to views.

Armstrong heads up the Taylor’s Mill development and in a letter to Council expressed concern that the proposed site for the Sun Mine lies directly in the way of the view to the south and east for residents along the southern border of the development.

“These views are the best our property has to offer and were a major factor in the purchase of the land to begin with,” he wrote. “Taylor’s Mill has gone to great lengths and expense to preserve the natural beauty and environmental integrity of the forest on its lands and with respect, has endured great criticism and introspection from City Hall and the community at large.”

He went on to say that Taylor’s Mill has always made sure to deal with any concerns by contacting stakeholders directly and does not feel they were afforded the same courtesy by the City.

He argues that the zoning and land use for Taylor’s Mill could effectively be rendered valueless by the development of the Sun Mine, especially if it proves successful as it will then grow to a larger project.

Armstrong says he sees the two land uses as diametrically opposed, and TMP will use all means at their disposal, legal or otherwise, to deter it from going forward.

While the concerns were noted by Council, Mayor Ron McRae said it was not necessary to defer adoption of the bylaw to meet with the proponent.

“We need to keep moving forward,” he said. “But that doesn’t preclude discussion with the proponent.”