Kimberley capital projects

Black Bear bridge replacement and more on the slate for 2013

The City of Kimberley Financial Plan is set for adoption on Monday, May 13, 2013.

While over $12 million of the almost $27 million budget goes to operating expenses, a very large chunk, $9.22 million, is set for capital projects.

Many of these projects are funded through other sources of funding, such as the gas tax, funding from upper levels of government, and infrastructure and capital reserve funds.

The City is projecting to receive $3.67 million in grant money this year.

This includes two thirds of the Mark Creek flume replacement budget, although the City did not receive any funding for the project on the first application. A second intake of applications was just opened and the City re-applied. The Mark Creek flume project is essentially on hold until grants are secured, although some minor work will be done on the flume in preparation for the continuation of the project.

However, there are plenty of other capital projects on the slate, including replacement of the Black Bear bridge, Aquatic Centre UV water treatment, paving and repairs to Gerry Sorensen Way, Rotary Drive (Marsden St. to Black Bear bridge), Knighton Road (109 and 110 Ave), Levirs Avenue adn 305 Avenue; hardware and software for upcoming change to an electronic council; ongoing waterline and sewerline replacements and UV disinfection of the Pollution Control Centre.

Other non-capital projects include an upgrade to the City Hall exterior, flood control items, an accessible ramp and top fence in Rotary Park; roof repairs to the curling rink and Centennial Hall, an exit canopy for Centre 64, repairs to storm mains and culverts, and replacing lockers and washroom partitions at the Aquatic Centre.