Kimberley Community Fall Fair

Always the last weekend in September, it's a Kimberley tradition

It is a tradition on the last weekend in September, going back many years. It’s the Kimberley Community Fall Fair, and as always is shaping up to be a not-to-be-missed event.

City Councillor and head of the Fair’s organizing committee Bev Middlebrook says the 2013 fair is looking to be every bit as successful as year’s past.

“As always, we will sell booths right up until the last minute,” Middlebrook said.

“It’s always sold out. At this time there is lots of interest and activity.”

One of the things Middlebrook likes about the fall fair is that every year there are new exhibitors. Yes, a lot of booths repeat year after year,  knowing it is an opportunity to get their product in front of thousands of people, but having new exhibitors every year is important as well.

“There are always new booths and there will be this year too,” she said. “There will be lots of great products and services both outdoors and indoors. We have lots of food vendors too.”

The Fall Fair generates a lot of money for Kimberley non-profits. The non-profits assist with various things at the Fair, such as security or working the front door, and in return share in the earnings. The entire organization is run by volunteers.

“The Fall Fair Committee does an incredibly efficient job,” Middlebrook said. “It wouldn’t happen without them. And the non-profits are a huge part of it as well.”