Kimberley Council defers bridge decision

Marysville Falls walkway and Mackenzie St. are potential locations

the two new bridges will be similar to the one recently installed on St. Mary Avenue.

the two new bridges will be similar to the one recently installed on St. Mary Avenue.

Kimberley City Council is waiting for a little more information before they decide the location of two walking bridges.

The bridges, in the same design of the one installed on St. Mary Avenue last fall, were slated for two more crossings of Mark Creek in the flume rehab project.

However, because the City has not yet made the call on proceeding with the flume project — pending hearing the success of a grant application for funding — Council was asked to decide if it would be better to place the bridges at two other locations on Mark Creek.

Funding for the bridges was covered by an Accessibility grant. The problem is that if the bridges are not installed in 2014, the grant obligations are not met and the money would be lost.

A report from staff recommended that if the City does not go ahead with Phase 2 of the flume project this year, that the walking bridges be placed at Mackenzie and Marysville Falls.

The Marysville Falls walking bridge was damaged during the high water last spring. In fact the bridge is installed well below the flood plain and will require some work. The McKenzie Street bridge is in good shape but not fully accessible.

The cost of installing the two bridges is $62,000 over and above the grant. That money was to come out of the flume budget. If the bridges are placed elsewhere the money would have to be found elsewhere.

“Council is not sure they want to commit to spending the money,” said Mayor Ron McRae.  “We’d like to find out if we return the access money, can we reapply next year? If we do put the bridges elsewhere we still have to add two bridges to the flume project. We will wait for more information. There is no urgency althought there are some concerns over letting the bridges sit too long.”