Kimberley Council nixes bridge location change

Too late to change chosen locations of timberframe bridges, Council tells Railway Society

As reported last week in the Bulletin, the Kimberley Underground Railway Society has approached the City with the suggestion that one of the two timberframe bridges to be installed should cross Mark Creek below the Peak to Platzl Trail near the downtown station.

In a letter to Council Society president Mick Henningson argued that the spot was more suitable than Mackenzie Street for the bridge, as it was highly visible and on a more natural part of the creek.

However, Council was not of a mind to change their decision on the bridge locations.

Coun. Albert Hoglund said that it may not hurt to have the Society come in and assist them with getting an accessibility grant for a bridge in that location once the flume project was done.

“I didn’t support the move to Mackenzie Street but I understand construction is underway,” said Coun. Kent Goodwin. “It would be nice to discuss where a bridge should go at the bottom of the Peak to Platzl Trail.”

“I really appreciate Mick coming forward,” Coun. Darryl Oakley said. “That area is completely undeveloped, the road is a mess, the bridge does need to be replaced. Hopefully he will get assistance in getting a grant. It’s an area that gets major tourist traffic.”

Mayor Ron McRae said it wasn’t a bad idea at all, just came at the wrong time. “It’s really all about process,” he said.