Kimberley Council ponders discretionary donations

Council debates value of community support versus tight budgets

Kimberley City Council has decided, after some discussion, to support archer Darby Dean with a donation of $300 towards her trip to the world championships in China this October.

Originally Coun. Jack Ratcliffe had put forward a motion that Council send a $500 donation, but he agreed to amend that to $300 when it became apparent there was opposition to the first amount.

“We have granted money to archery coach Vladimir Kopecky many times,” Ratcliffe said. “Generally the City tries to support someone in national or international competition.”

However, both Councillors Darryl Oakley and Don McCormick opposed the motion on the grounds that with tightening budgets, this kind of discretionary funding was more difficult.

“I fully support the athlete representing Kimberley, but we can’t continue to spend money on these situations,” Oakley said.

McCormick echoed Oakley’s sentiments. “I voted against giving the money to Coach Kopecky last time,” he said. “It’s a slippery slope. There are a lot of these causes and it’s a financial donation rather than in kind.”

McCormick said he is happy to support in kind donations.

Coun. Kent Goodwin pointed out that world championships don’t come around that often and suggested $300.

Council approved that amount with Oakley and McCormick opposed.