Kimberley’s new Council was sworn in Monday evening. From left to right are Kent Goodwin

Kimberley’s new Council was sworn in Monday evening. From left to right are Kent Goodwin

Kimberley Council ready to get to work

Goodwin, Hoglund, Kitto, Middlebrook, Oakley, Roberts sworn in

After being sworn in to a four-year term on Monday evening, each of the six Kimberley City Councillors had an opportunity to make a few brief remarks.

All expressed gratitude for their support and an eagerness to get back to work.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to work for another four years,” said Kent Goodwin. “I think we have a great team and will be able to get a lot done. I want all of Kimberley to participate, bring us ideas, brainstorm for solutions to problems.”

Albert Hoglund was re-elected to a tenth term and promised to work hard for all the people of Kimberley.

“Not everyone will always agree with me and I appreciate that,” he said. “I was asked why in all these years I’ve never run for Mayor, why follow and not lead? I don’t look at it that way. I’m not a follower. If I don’t agree with someone I am not afraid to let them know my feelings.”

Nigel Kitto, a newcomer to Council, said he was overwhelmed, especially by the acceptance Kimberley voters had shown to an immigrant.

“I want you to know how special Kimberley is to me and my family. It’s so welcoming and inspiring. I’ve never felt so drawn to community service before.”

Bev Middlebrook, re-elected for a second term said it was nice not to be the newbie anymore.

“I’d like to congratulate all the team and the new Mayor,” she said. “New leadership is always exciting. Who knows where we will go in four years, I know it will be good places.”

Darryl Oakley recalled a quote from former Mayor Jim Ogilvie who called on Kimberley residents to look back in pride at the city’s history and look forward with optimism to the future.

“If I’ve learned anything in the past three years, it’s what an amazing place this is. But there are monumental challenges ahead. There is pressure on these seven people to find a balance. I am looking forward to four years of arguments.”

Sandra Roberts thanked all those who had chosen to put their trust in her.

“You may not always like my answer but it will always be my truth,” she said.

She said she believed a good team was in place and “In a year from now, you’re going to be happy we are here”.