Kimberley Council receives 2021 annual report.

Kimberley City Council received the 2021 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements at their last regular meeting on June 27, 2022.

In the report is a summary of employees remuneration and expenses of elected officials and senior staff.

Mayor Don McCormick received $32,876, with expenses of $1,053.67. Council members each earned $16, 437 for a total of $131,498.04 for elected officials.

In addition to compensation for elected officials, municipalities must disclose the salaries of employees who earn over $75,000.

The city reports that 20 employees earned over $75,000 and six of those earned over $100,000. The top earner was the city CAO at $163,586.58. Employee earnings for those who surpassed the $75,000 threshold added up to $1,897,352,38.

The total salaries of those with remuneration under $75,000 was $4,025,576.82 for a total employee earnings of $5,922,929.20.

In comparison, the City of Cranbrook’s last reporting in 2021 had 70 employees earning over $75,000 and 40 over $100,000. Cranbrook’s mayor earns just over $67,000.

You can read the full annual report here.



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