Kimberley council receives facilities inventory report

Up to $4.5 million required to maintain and repair public buildings in next five years

Kimberley's 12 public facilities will need $4 to $4.5 million in maintenance and repair costs in the next ten years.

Kimberley's 12 public facilities will need $4 to $4.5 million in maintenance and repair costs in the next ten years.

Kimberley City Council has received a facilities inventory report from Manager of Parks and Recreation Dave Clarke. The report will assist the City with budgeting going forward, and perhaps assist in making decisions about whether to keep some of the buildings.

The City owns 12 buildings that are open to the public. They are the Aquatic Centre, Centennial Hall, Centre 64, City Hall, the Curling Club, the Library, the Civic Centre, Marysville Arena, the Gymnastics Club, the RCMP building, Oughtred Hall and the Conference Centre.

Clarke gave Council a rough estimate on what it will cost to maintain and do needed renovations on the 12 buildings over the next ten years. That total is $4 to $4.5 million. That’s a rough estimate, the report says, as, given the age of some of the buildings, there is a concern  about hazardous materials and a Hazardous Materials Survey may be required to perform any given renovation. Any renovations would require more detailed quotes.

A new multi-sport complex, which Mayor Don McCormick has spoken of as being the ideal solution, would be in the neighbourhood of $20 to $30 million, Clarke estimates.

Here is a quick look at each facility and costs associated.

The Aquatic Centre has $159,000 in repair/replacements coming in the next five years, including $30,000 for solar system repair and $20,000 for new lobby flooring. The flooring is funded in coming budgets, the other repairs are in the five-year financial plan, but not funded.

Centennial Centre will need $128,000 over the next five years, including exterior and interior painting, and replacement of 200 chairs.

Centre 64 needs foundation and structural repairs totalling $115,000, plus lighting and roof repairs for another $20,000.

City Hall needs $121,000 to repaint the interior and replace flooring, replace the roof and upgrade lighting.

The Library had a major upgrade in 2011 and therefore should only need interior painting and a washroom upgrade for $30,000.

The 57-year old Civic Centre is the biggest number on the list. The arena needs $1,844,000 in renovations/repairs. Included in that is $535,000 for the north wall and catwalk, and $800,000 for a new slab and boards. A new roof at $250,000 and two dressing room upgrades at $135,000 are also needed.

Marysville Arena also needs a new slab and boards at $700,000 and a new roof at $200,000. In total $996,000 is needed in the next five years for the Marysville Arena.

The Gymnastics Club building needs $40,000 for venting because of a radon issue, but this is not recommended. Council has discussed selling this building.

The RCMP building needs $90,000 for a new roof and exterior painting. Should Council decided to repair the cells rather than continue to partner with Cranbrook, the cost would be an estimated $640,000.

Oughtred Hall is currently for sale, so no repairs are scheduled.

Finally, the Conference will need a $50,000 interior paint job in the next five years.