Kimberley digs out from big snow

Just another day at the office for Kimberley’s snow crews

City crews are in clean up mode after Monday's storm.

City crews are in clean up mode after Monday's storm.

While the enormous dump of snow on Monday would have brought many municipalities to a standstill, it was just another day at the office for Kimberley’s snow removal team. A very long, busy day, but not that unusual.

During the event itself, the City’s Operations Department worked on keeping major routes clear, as well as school bus routes and steep hills. On Monday, the snow was so heavy the school buses did not proceed up to the high school but collected students at the bottom of the stairs on Wallinger Avenue.

Now that the snow has stopped, crews move to side streets and finally, back alleys. Then snow removal will take place.

“Our city crews really do have it down to a fine science in terms of minor and major snow falls,” said Mayor Ron McRae. “The one we just had was a really strong indicator of the efficiency and effectiveness of our crews.”

McRae says the City has received a number of complimentary emails praising how the city responded to the storm.

“The emails indicated that people think city crews are doing an excellent job under challenging circumstances. We don’t often get those. Of course there were some expressing concerns as well. I really do have to compliment city crews on their ability to work with the public on snow removal.

“Kimberley does have a higher than normal level of service when it comes to snow removal. We also have the expertise and the equipment to deal with a major storm.”

Residents are asked to assist city crews by avoiding pushing snow out onto the streets and not parking any vehicles on city streets overnight. Residents are also reminded that keeping the city sidewalk in front of their property clear is the owner’s responsibility.