Kimberley Dynamiter Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame committee members are seeking more artifacts, including vintage Nitro sweaters.

Vintage sweaters such these above are still being sought by the Wall of Fame.

Vintage sweaters such these above are still being sought by the Wall of Fame.

Hockey is on the mind of a lot of Kimberley residents. The ice is in, the Dynamiters are beefing up their coaching staff in anticipation of the coming season, hockey camps are in session.  And the volunteers behind the Wall of Fame celebrating the glory years of the Senior Dynamiters are looking for more memorabilia to display.

The Wall of Fame has come a long way in a short time. Enough money was raised to construct the cabinets. There are now 70 feet of cabinets to house trophies, pictures, equipment and other memorabilia.

Committee member Aurel Beaudin says that many donations have been received and they are grateful for all of them.

“Many donations are from former fans and past players,” he said. “We got much appreciated donations from Cominco (Teck) and a local contractor.”

Donors will be listed on a plaque in the cabinets.

One of the items needed for the display cases is sweaters. It is the goal to have a sweater from every Dynamiter era.

“So far we have sweaters from the early 20s, which had to be knitted,” Beaudin said. “Some from the World Championships have showed up. Missing are sweaters from the late 1940’s (1949, 1950) We are also looking for the early 60s, which we can’t seem to locate. One we would really like to have is the one which had horizontal stripes on the shoulders with Dynamiters written across the crest.”

Beaudin says there are likely sweaters of the era he is looking for sitting in an attic or basement somewhere. He says he hopes people would think of the Wall of Fame and perhaps want to remember their loved one this way.

He says he understands that people would worry about their heirloom being damaged, but says it is actually a very safe way to preserve that piece of Dynamiter history.

“The sweaters will all be framed, with a plaque saying who it belonged to. If you have some memorabilia, please think about giving it to us. It will all be well displayed and taken care of. We are looking at insurance for the preservation of all items.”

Beaudin is putting out an appeal this week because of the Pucksters Golf Tournament, which may bring some former players to town.

“I recall Pucksters week in the early 70s when the Kimberley Golf Clubhouse was loaded all kinds of sweaters. Songs were sang, piano blasting away and past Dynamiter players were on hand. Golfers like Ray McNiven, Ralph Redding, Harry Brown, Sandy Sanderson, Harvey Nash, Jake Nash, Hugo Mackie, Putt Peason, Frank Sullivan, Claude Bell, Ken McTeer, Gerry Barrie, John Stone, Ginger Craig, Bill Steenson, Ed Babiuk Chuck Passmore, DonFratum.

“We received a call last week from a former Dynamiter from the late 60s and early 70s. Ken White was employed by the local radio station and played for the Dynamiters. He is sending some memorabilia to put on display. Ken was a defenceman that gave it all he had and went through any wall for the team.”

In addition to sweaters, pictures from the Allan Cup, Patton cup, Savage Cup and more have been enlarged and are being added to the display.

If you have anything you’d like to donate contact Aurel Beaudin, Len Robbins, Bob Bova or Bert Banks. Donations can be dropped off at the Elks Club in Kimberley.