Kimberley Mining Railway seeks stop to vandalism

rocks put in switches, cars parked on tracks, among problems

Volunteers who put in time for the Sullivan Underground Railway are frustrated by some continuing instances of vandalism taking place on their tracks in the Kimberley Alpine Resort parking lot.

On Saturday and Sunday the tourist train goes up to the resort on express runs.

But, says volunteer Danny Jarrett, on more than one occasion rocks have been found between the track switches and on a few occasions, cars parked across the tracks.

“If a car is parked on the tracks all we can do is back down again,” Jarrett said.

The rocks are more serious. If the trains encounter these rocks at the switch, it can cause the loci to jump off the tracks.

Jarrett says the rocks are obviously put there intentionally, they couldn’t just fly into these spots.

“Do people think it’s funny?” Jarrett said. “I don’t understand. The train stops really quick if the loci goes off the tracks. There could be injuries.”

Jarrett also said that there had been a small slide back in the narrow valley in the lower mine yard near the train tracks. It did not hit the track, but Railway operations were shut down until an engineer can assess the situation. However, the Railway has been given clearance to run this weekend, one of the busiest of the summer for the attraction.