The Kimberley Nordic Club has outlined their plans for a safe season of winter sport amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy of Kimberley Nordic Centre.

Kimberley Nordic Club details plans for safe season of winter sport

The Kimberley Nordic Club has released their plan to re-open for the winter season.

“The health and safety of our members, visitors, staff, and community is our highest priority at KNC,” the KNC said in their release. “We understand that this year will be different, but our KNC staff and executive are working hard to find solutions to keep our skiers, staff, and community safe during this dynamic time.”

The KNC intended to operate their facility and programs this year while following the guidelines laid out by the government and health authorities, and let their patrons know that they should expect some changes this year.

This year people can expect changes to the kiosk and lodge, more outdoor-focused programs and more flexible cancellation policies.

”We are looking forward to seeing our nordic community able to return to the healthy, active, outdoors lifestyle we love so much.”

The KNC has outlined seven rules that people wanting to use their facility must agree to, which at this point in the pandemic are likely familiar to most people.

You must complete a COVID self assessment, included on the last page of the plan document, on a daily basis.

People must wear a mask in any indoor spaces, wash hands before participating, bring personal supply of hand sanitizer as well as your own equipment and comply with physical distancing measures at all times.

Physical contact with others, including shaking hands or high fives, is to be avoided.

After your activities have concluded you must leave KNC as quickly as possible.

The KNC will have signage in the parking lot reminding people that physical distancing beings there. For example skiers will be encouraged to wait in their car if neighbouring vehicles are occupied.

If the two metres required for physical distancing is not possible, skiers are expected to wear a mask, and they should wear a mask between their car and the trail. Gives others space, stay home if you’re sick and “get in, ski, and get out,” as the KNC simply puts it.

As one of the biggest challenge areas for physical distancing are located between the parking lot, the kiosk and the lodge areas, skiers will be more directed than in past years, to minimize people passing by one other in close proximity.

Skiers are asked to use the ticket window rather than entering the kiosk. If you must enter the kiosk there is a limit of two skiers at a time, and masks are required.

Plexiglass has been installed to divide the skier and staff area of the kiosk and all staff will be wearing masks and will be conducting extra cleaning and sanitizing duties both in the kiosk and the lodge.

Skiers will also be be asked to complete an online form to record their contact information and COVID agreement.

The lodge will be open but is to be primarily used for access to washrooms and skiers are asked to minimize their use of the building, ie. not changing boots or warming up there.

Again, skiers will be asked to wear a mask if entering the lodge, and a maximum of four will be allowed in at once. Seating has been removed and the kitchen will be closed until restrictions lessen.

The wax hut will have a maximum of two skiers allowed in at a time. Entry will be done through the front door and exit through the side. Skiers are asked to bring their own waxing irons and capers as club waxing irons will not be available.

As programs are important to the KNC’s community, each has been tailored specifically for COVID safety.

For full details on the KNC’s re-opening plan, visit

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