Kimberley RCMP arrest one for trafficking

Warrant executed on Wallinger Avenue residence; one arrested

Kimberley and Cranbrook RCMP executed a search warrant on a Wallinger Avenue residence yesterday and arrested one 21-year old man. Further arrests may be pending after lab tests on an “unknown white substance” found on another man.

Cpl. Chris Newel of the Kimberley Detachment says that upon arrival at the home, seven people were found inside.

“ A search located a quantity of cocaine and marihuana along with items associated with drug trafficking,” Newel said.

“Police are recommending charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking against a 21 year old male.   An unknown white substance was seized from another male, this will be analyzed and depending on the results further charges may be considered.”

Newel said the individual was of particular concern to police as they had received reports of him selling indirectly to young people in the community, creating a considerable risk.

While Newel did not say what led them to suspect this particular address, he did say that,  “We always have to have something to point us in the right direction, very rare would we ever just start watching a house.

“Most investigations are as result of tips either from the public or information gained from other investigations.  Once a target is identified surveillance may be conducted.  Police procedures can vary depending on the offence being investigated, the type of drugs and what information police may already have.”