Kimberley RCMP busy at JulyFest

Police report relatively well behaved crowds at events, but several incidents outside of official events

JulyFest in Kimberley has come and gone, and while the events were filled to capacity, coordinator Dave Clarke reports well-behaved crowds.

Kimberley RCMP NCO Cpl. Chris Newel concurs with the well behaved crowds at events, but says police did have to respond to over 40 calls for service.

“Although bocce players and attendees were relatively well behaved and likely enjoyed the weekend, police dealt with several incidents outside of the festivities,” Newel said.

The most serious were two assaults, which occurred early Sunday morning.

Two persons were taken to hospital with injuries described as “not serious” when an incident at a Chapman Street house party spilled outside.

One male from Cranbrook was arrested and will be facing assault charges, Newel said.

In addition, police have received a report of a second assault and are investigating that.

There also the usual assortment of impaired drivers, drug seizures and public intoxication.

“Several impaired drivers were taken off the road; two were 90 day driving prohibitions and the remaining ones three-day,” Newel said.  “There were two drug seizures.  Several persons were arrested for being drunk in public. In the majority of cases, police were able to turn them over to sober persons but six were held in custody until sober. A City of Kimberley garbage truck sustained minor damage by an upset patron who was ejected by security for causing a problem.

“Police dealt with a number of minor complaints involving noise.  On Sunday morning police received a several minor theft complaints.  A possible suspect was identified but police are still in the midst of determining if there is enough evidence to pursue a charge.

“A number of violation tickets were issued over the weekend, including consuming alcohol in public which carries a $230 fine.”

Overall, police were pleased with the behaviour of JulyFest crowds, especially considering the number of events at maximum capacity.

As always, the police presence was very visible, which often helps deter bad behaviour.

“A few individuals expressed their displeasure in having to obey the law, but Julyfest does not mean police turn a blind eye,” Newel said. “Overall police were pleased with the attitude and behavior of the majority of people.”