Sgt. Steve Woodcox, Kimberley RCMP. Bulletin file

Sgt. Steve Woodcox, Kimberley RCMP. Bulletin file

Kimberley RCMP report: concerns about at risk youth and hard drugs

Sgt. Steve Woodcox of the Kimberley RCMP delivered his first quarter policing report to Kimberley Council on August 21, 2023.

The first quarter covers the months of April through to July.

The Kimberley Detachment will focus on three priorities; traffic enforcement/road safety; youth and social/chronic offenders, especially as it relates to property crime.

In particular, Woodcox said he has concerns with at risk youth in terms of drug use.

“We are seeing a great increase in youth, ages 14 and 15, using heavy drugs,” he said. “Meth, heroin. There are drugs in this community. It’s very disturbing. We are seeing overdoses in kids this age in the last few months.”

Asked why he thought this was happening, Woodcox said that drugs are more available in a new culture of open drug use.

“Access is easier,” he said.

As for chronic offenders, Woodcox said that difference in some crimes is immediately seen, if an offender leaves the community. He said there was one individual, who was apprehended earlier this year for stealing vehicles. He was arrested and later released to a drug treatment program, and is no longer in Kimberley

“Surprisingly the numbers (on property crimes) have gone down since he’s been gone,” Woodcox said.

Woodcox also said he wanted to publicly commend Kimberley Search and Rescue for all they do in the community. He noted that there were two missing persons files in the past quarter that resulted in accidental deaths, which is traumatic for all involved.

“We appreciate the help from Kimberley Search and Rescue. Any time that we call them they are always willing to help. They are very professional and excellent. I just wanted to give them a shout out.”

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