A Kimberley Speed Watch volunteer. Photo courtesy of Kimberley RCMP.

Kimberley RCMP thank Speed Watch volunteers for 2020 season

Speed Watch deployed 20 times and recorded speed of 4000 vehicles

In response to feedback from both the government and people of Kimberley, the RCMP make traffic safety a major priority to try and alleviate concerns and make the community as safe as possible.

They work towards this goal through ongoing enforcement action by police as well as the use of Speed Watch.

“We would like to express our thanks to the Speed Watch volunteers who put in almost 100 hours to promote traffic safety in our community,” said Sgt. Chris Newel of the Kimberley RCMP.

According to the RCMP, the goal of the Speed Watch group is to promote education and awareness. Volunteers monitor vehicles’ speed at various locations identified as problematic speeding areas by the police, government or residents.

Their efforts of checking and recording the speed of passing motorists lets local law enforcement know if further enforcement at those locations is needed.

The unique circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic created come challenges for the Speed Watch team, but it also allowed them to deploy 20 times over the season, recording the speeds of over 4000 vehicles throughout that time.

The RCMP are looking for volunteers for next year, so if you’re interested in joining the Speed Watch team, contact the detachment at 250-427-4811.


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