A Danish study questions whether reusable totes are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. (Courtesy photo)

A Danish study questions whether reusable totes are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. (Courtesy photo)

Kimberley resident calls for City-wide ban on plastic bags

Colleen Friesen has asked the City of Kimberley to spearhead a ban on plastics.

A Kimberley resident is calling for a City-implemented ban on plastic bags.

Colleen Friesen wrote to Kimberley City Council this week, asking for the City to implement a ban on plastic bags throughout the community.

She says that a ban such as this goes hand in hand with a recently announced City initiative with the Regional District of East Kootenay to pursue funding for an organic infrastructure program that would divert compostables from the landfill.

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“I know we are working hard towards sustainability and removing plastic bags from our environment would go a long way toward that goal,” wrote Friesen. “I hope that Kimberley can continue to lead the way in green and clean initiatives.”

Councillor Nigel Kitto supported the letter, saying he would love to see a ban on all single-use plastic in Kimberley.

“The City should take the lead with this issue, on most single use plastics” he said. “We should at least get the conversation going – there’s a whole sway of environmental issues including single use plastics, idling, composting…”

Mayor Don McCormick says it would be more ideal for the supermarkets and stores to do so.

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“I’d rather see the stores and supermarkets do so voluntarily, as opposed to us having to regulate them to do that. I think we have an excellent opportunity here, we’re a small enough community and many stores are already not using plastic bags,” he said.

Corporate Officer Maryse Leroux says it’s recommended that the City not spearhead the initiative for legal purposes.

“At the last legal conference I attended, it was highly recommended by a city solicitor not to go that route because there’s a court case right now [with] the plastic bag producers,” she explained, adding it would be best to wait for case law.


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