Kimberley students rally for Jenna

Selkirk students thoughts go to Jenna Homeniuk on Daffodil Day

Thumbs up for Jenna

Thumbs up for Jenna

Fifteen-year old Jenna Homeniuk’s battle with cancer is not over, but the community continues to think positive thoughts and send support her way.

Jenna was diagnosed last August with leukemia and has been in hospital in Calgary for most of that time.

Last Friday, April 27, Selkirk students held a pep rally to acknowledge The Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day. And at that rally, the minds of students were very firmly on one of their own, Jenna.

Family friend Sharie Lamarche spoke at the rally about the importance of keeping positive thoughts.

Lamarche asked the students to continue to support Jenna by staying positive.

“Jenna’s fight and positive attitude have taught me some valuable life lessons — we have all met people in our lives who have overcome the storms of life, who have come through with dignity and faith. They all admit after their struggle that these challenges made their lives brighter, they understood the real value of life — that life is invaluable.

“Jenna will beat this illness and be a stronger person for it. She will never sweat the small stuff again. When you find yourself worrying about life’s challenges even the smallest challenges, I ask you to not sweat the small stuff. If Jenna can face cancer twice and still maintain a positive attitude, surely we can all find the silver lining in the clouds that enter our own lives.”

Lemarche thanked the students for their continued support of Jenna.

Students made posters for Jenna, and signed them. They will be sent to Jenna to be displayed on her hospital room walls, to serve as a reminder that they are there to support her always.

The Student Council presented a cheque for $200 for Jenna, the money being raised at the last dance.

At the end of the rally Kasey McKay, a 14 year old student shaved half her head to support Jenna’s fight.