Kimberley to host bike polo tournament

The Meat Draw will be played in the Platzl parking lot in August

As reported in the Bulletin last week, the Revolver series will feature a number of events based around the wheel. While most of the Revolver series won’t begin until 2014, one of the events is a bike polo tournament planned for August 24 and 25, 2013.

Bike polo is similar to horse pole except for the use of bicycles instead of horses.

It is gaining popularity throughout North America and Europe, where it is played in indoor or outdoor facilities where play can be contained.

The plans for the Kimberley tournament are to use the Platzl hockey boards and have play in the Platzl parking lot. Centennial Field will be used for free  camping for participants.

The tournament, called Meat Draw, is expected to attract six to 10 teams in its inaugural run.

This tournament is being organized independently but under the banner of the Revolver series.

It is hoped to grow the tournament along with other Revolver events but in the meantime, organizer Kevin Wilson says it will benefit Kimberley’s reputation as a spawning ground for new ideas and pursuits.