Kimberley to join Kootenay Car Share

Rather than expand fleet, City opts for cost saving co-op

It is not uncommon, with a staff the size of the City of Kimberley’s, that there is not always a vehicle available when one is required.

Rather than expand their fleet by adding more vehicles, Kimberley City Council will take the more innovative route of joining the Kootenay Car Share’s Kimberley co-op.

Council heard a brief presentation on the concept of car-sharing from Craig Hillman from the Car Share Co-op,

Kimberley’s co-op currently has an economy car and a four by four truck available. Members pay a $500 fee to join and then have access to the vehicles when they need them.

“Car sharing is joint ownership of vehicles. Everybody who is a member owns part of the vehicles. We don’t try to make any money.

“I gave up a big pick-up. I wasn’t using it much. I sold it, bought a membership and have access to a truck whenever I want,” Hillman said.

The Car Share charges $1.60 an hour for the length of time you borrow the vehicle, plus 53 cents per kilometre, which includes fuel.

The City would purchase a corporate membership for $2200, which would allow up to 25 people to sign up for use of the vehicles.

“The City has had ongoing issues with seasonal shortage of fleet vehicles,” said Coun. Don McCormick. “Rather than expand the fleet the car share could be much more cost effective.”

“I’m extremely pleased to see this,” said Coun. Darryl Oakley. “It’s timely, good for the environment. The City is leading the way in a process that’s proven to work. It could eventually lead to a reduction in our carbon footprint.”

For more information on the Kootenay Car Share, see

All booking of vehicles is done online.