Kimberley Trails Society to improve Swan Avenue trail head

KTS partnering with the Kimberley Nature Park Society and the City of Kimberley

The area in question is outlined in pink.

The area in question is outlined in pink.

The Kimberley Trails Society is working with The Kimberley Nature Park Society and the City of Kimberley to improve the trailhead at Swan Avenue. Although the entrance lies outside of the Nature Park, it provides an important and well used access point into the park. KTS recently entered a land management agreement with the City of Kimberley to provide stewardship for the trails in the Levirs area. The Levirs area covers the Swan Avenue entrance and encompasses an area below the Trickle Creek Golf Course, and above Levirs Avenue. This area extends north to Gerry Sorensen Way, with the Kimberley Nature Park to the south.

Grant money recently secured will allow for creating a new map of the Levirs area. This map along with the KNPS Guide will be provided on high quality signs, on a new kiosk being built by students at the COTR. This amenity upgrade will provide accurate and up to date information for all trail users about the area. Eventually KTS would like to provide more comprehensive trailheads and trail signs, we remain hopeful on further grant requests.

Community consultation is planned in May to inform local residents and trail users of plans for the Swan Avenue Trailhead. We believe this entrance shows potential for further development, however many issues need to be addressed before this can be considered.

The trail names within the Levirs area are one of these issues, with several names allocated to individual trails. We’d like to get some sort of consensus on the naming of the trails in the Levirs area, we plan to gather the existing names used with the new map, and then seek a majority decision. We have a new email: which will be our primary contact on this and other projects.

A general tidy up of the trailhead, incorporating the existing signs there into the new kiosk will make a more welcoming and appealing entrance. This is part of a larger project being coordinated by KTS. Improved signage and other new kiosks are planned for the Kimberley Campground Trails, Lois Creek Trails and the Kimberley Nordic Centre.