Kimberley updates Animal Control bylaw

Pit bills will no longer have $1000 license fee in KImberley

The city of Kimberley will no longer collect an extra license fee for pit bulls.

The city of Kimberley will no longer collect an extra license fee for pit bulls.

The City of Kimberley’s Corporate Officer continues to go through all of the city’s bylaws, updating them as needed. The latest to be approved for an update is the Animal Control Bylaw. There are a few significant changes in the bylaw, the first being that the special license fee for pit bulls has been done away with.

Corporate Office Dawn Attorp told Council that the pit bull license fee had been unsuccessful. Pit bull owners will now pay the same fees as other dog owners in Kimberley. However, fines for vicious dogs are going up.

A dog can be defined vicious by either the bylaw officer or an RCMP member if it is:

i. A dog which has killed or seriously injured a person or animal;

ii. A dog which has a known tendency or disposition to attack animals or humans without provocation;

iii. A dog which has bitten, attacked or aggressively pursued a person or animal without provocation;

iv. A dog which has been trained for, or is owned for, the purpose of dog fighting;

v. A dog which the Animal Control Officer has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to kill or seriously injure a person

It is hoped by dropping the $1000 license, pit bull owners will be more inclined to license their animals.

“At least then we will know where they are,” Attorp said.

Coun. Albert Hoglund agreed, though he had some misgivings given the breed’s reputation.

There are pit bulls in KImberley, but with the fee, people simply don’t license them. Hoglund also acknowledged that there are other breeds besides pit bulls that could be considered vicious or dangerous.

Also in the updated bylaw, feeding birds in the Platzl is no longer permitted. This is in response to the growing pigeon population.

The updated bylaw reaffirms that no poultry will be allowed, although some community members had lobbied Council last year to allow backyard chickens.