Kimberley utility rates rise in 2016

Rates rise $15.42 per quarter in 2016; $61.68 in total

The first quarter of 2016 has begun, and with it, a scheduled increase in water, sewer and solid waste utility rates for Kimberley property owners. The increase in the utility rates combine for $61.68 this year, $15.42 per quarter, a total of $807.48 for the year. The total is eight cents higher per year than projected last spring. That’s $25.40 increase in water fees, $29.08 in sewer and $7.20 in solid waste.

This scheduled increase in utility rates — year one of a three year plan — is part of the City’s plan to fund infrastructure upgrades to the utilities through the utility funds themselves. The first phase of increases will generate $112,620 for water infrastructure and $57,759 for sewer infrastructure per year.

At the completion of the third year, water and sewer infrastructure funding will be twice the rate of depreciation. The 2016 rates also include the first part of a two year increase to fund the purchase of new garbage trucks.

The City is also conducting a review of water, sewer and solid waste rates with the goal of generating sufficient revenues while allocating costs in an equitable manner. The City has contracted Urban Systems to carry out the water and sewer study, while city staff will take care of the solid waste review.