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Kimberley votes: Results are in for City Council, wastewater plant referendum

Cairns, Dunnebacke, Maguire, McBain, Roberts, Royer elected to Kimberley Council
(Left to right) Sandra Roberts, Andrew Royer, Woody Maguire, Sue Cairns, Kevin Dunneback and Jason McBain have been voted in as Kimberley City Councillors.

The results of Kimberley’s October 15, 2022 municipal election are in.

Sue Cairns, Kevin Dunnebacke, Woody Maguire, Jason McBain, Sandra Roberts and Steven Royer have been elected to Kimberley City Council

The voting breakdown for each Council candidate is as follows:

Sue Cairns — 1349

Kevin Dunnebacke — 885

Craig Janzen — 881

Woody Maguire — 943

Jason McBain — 1349

Sandra Roberts — 1190

Steven Royer — 1029

Andrew Skaien — 799

The people of Kimberley also voted on a referendum to determine whether they approve of the City borrowing up to $35 million to help fund the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment plant with a new facilitiy.

A total of 1857 votes were cast, with 1545 voting yes and 259 voting no.

Kimberley’s Mayor Don McCormick ran unopposed.

Darryl Oakley, Ronald McRae and Betty Lou Barrett have been voted in as School Trustees for Electoral Area 2 —Kimberley and the RDEK.

Jane Walter was re-elected Area E Director for the RDEK.

The Bulletin was able to catch up with the new councillors on Monday.

Steve Royer said it was an honour to be elected to represent the cmmunity. “I’m just overwhelmed,” he said. He says he was a little disppointed in the low voter turn out but said it could be that was driven by no race for mayor.

“To every one who voted for me, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I feel very honoured to be chosen to represent our city for the next four years,” said Woody Maguire. “We have a solid group of councilors and I would like to congratulate my fellow elected. I am looking forward to the first meeting. Thank you to all those who came out and voted. I’d also like to specifically thank Craig and Andrew for putting their names forward. I would have been honoured to sit with them and hope to see them on the ballot again.”

From Councillor-elect Sue Cairns:

“Thanks so much Kimberley for your support, encouragement and overall awesomeness. I’m really happy to have your strong support as a forward looking voice on City Council. I especially want to thank my good friends and colleagues at the EK Climate Hub, in particular Bruce Murdoch, Ingrid Liepa, Dr. Hale, Dave Hale, as well as long time Councillor, now School Trustee Darryl Oakley! I’ve appreciated hearing from residents and businesses during the campaign, and am looking forward to working with everyone and ongoing great community dialogue ahead. Housing and water are first priorities. Keep the conversations coming.”

Kevin Dunnebacke said he was ready to be a part of the community and give back.

“I want to thank everyone that took the time to come out and vote,” he said. “I look forward to helping the city as it moves forward.”

Re-elected Councillor Sandra Roberts said “Thanks to Kimberley voters for their support as I return to City Council for this upcoming term. I would like to thank the Returning Officer and her assistants that made sure that the voting process went off without a hitch. I am, however, somewhat disappointed in the voter turnout.

Voting is an important privilege that we don’t want to lose so I encourage folks to teach their children how important voting is to the success of democracy in our country. I’m looking forward to working with the new slate of Councillors and am anxious to get started as soon as we can.

Mayor Don McCormick, who ran unopposed, said he was impressed with the entire slate of candidates.

“Four new councillors is a big number,” he said. “I’m particularly happy that all six of the new candidates had really strong backgrounds. Any of them would add to the expertise on Council. Thanks to Craig and Andrew for running.

“Jason and Sandra will be there to anchor. These are four strong new councilors. I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

McCormick said that after orientation and council training he expected that they will hit the ground running.

“There’s a lot of work to be done in the next four years, we can’t get started fast enough.”

With files by Carolyn Grnnt