Kimberley won’t see operational changes despite BC RCMP budget shortfalls

Kimberley won’t see operational changes despite BC RCMP budget shortfalls

As reported last week in the Bulletin, B.C. RCMP is grappling with a $10 million deficit and currently eyeing cost-saving measures to rein in ballooning expenses.

“I can tell you that we’ve had some financial pressures, so we have to take the steps to ensure that our costs can be assessed and prioritized within the funds available and we’re primarily dealing with administrative or discretionary spending right now,” said Dawn Roberts, an RCMP spokesperson.

“No services, programs or units have been changed.”

Kimberley RCMP Detachment Commander, Sgt. Chris Newel says he doesn’t expect any operational changes at the detachment.

“The Kimberley RCMP is primarily funded by the City of Kimberley,” Newel said. “The cuts are related to provincial budgets (outside the city), of which Kimberley has, but there shouldn’t be any impact on operational policing.”

Roberts said discretionary and administrative spending is going to be heavily scrutinized, which includes areas such as capital spending, training workshops or courses, postponing a planned replacement of the marine fleet and potentially reducing vehicle purchases.

“We know if we take all these steps, we’re not going to find the complete savings, so that’s why we’re working closely with the B.C. government, specifically B.C. police services and our solicitor-general,” she said.

“We need to find ways to address the issues of these pressures, make sure our provincial budget is sufficiently funded, and then reduce, cut or eliminate whatever the province decides is the service we don’t need to deliver and those discussions are still underway.”

Roberts said there has been internal consultations with all detachments and units to identify spending trends and cost-saving measures to meet the B.C. RCMP’s provincial budget.

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