Kimberley’s Remembrance Day Parade will go on

Kimberley Air Cadets may march in uniform but must return to civilian clothes right after parade

Cadets in uniform are a staple at Kimberley Remembrance Day ceremonies but special circumstances apply this year.

Cadets in uniform are a staple at Kimberley Remembrance Day ceremonies but special circumstances apply this year.

The horrific events in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in which two Canadian soldiers were killed last month affected every Canadian. And right here in Kimberley the events will have an affect on poppy sales and the Remembrance Day parade.

After the attacks, soldiers were ordered to not appear uniforms in public off base.

This order applies to cadets as well, says Chris Van Moll of the Kimberley Air Cadet Squadron.

“The impact of events in our capital has repercussions here in Kimberley,” Van Moll said.

Since the closure of the Legion branch, the Air Cadets have been integral in keeping Remembrance Day traditions alive in Kimberley.

Up until this past weekend, Van Moll wasn’t sure whether cadets would be given permission to march in the Remembrance Day Parade in uniform or be allowed to sell poppies in uniform.

That permission has now come through, with some qualifications.

“As of November 1, Cadets have been give permission to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in uniform,” Van Moll said. “But they must not be in public in uniform after the ceremony.”

This means cadets must go directly back to the Elks Club in Kimberley after the parade and change into civilian clothes.

As for poppy sales, there will be no cadets in uniform in the Platzl or at hockey games selling poppies.

“Cadets will be selling poppies indoors at Mark Creek Market and Overwaitea under the direct supervision of an officer,” Van Moll said. “They are not allowed to be in uniform in public in any other place.”

Kimberley RCMP will be participating in the parade in full uniform, just as in previous years, says Cpl Chris Newel.  Newel said that security is always top of mind for any public event.

“We, along with our law enforcement partners, are continually assessing potential threats and adjusting our security needs accordingly.”

The parade will form in front of the Elks Club on November 11. The club will be open so participants can leave instrument cases and clothing there.

The parade starts at 10:45 a.m. at the Elks, takes the left turn into the Platzl (Deer Park) and then right at the gazebo (Spokane St.) to the Cenotaph.

After the ceremony the Elks will be open to the public for refreshments and lunch courtesy of Elks Canada.