Kimberley’s share of RCMP backpay is $227,000

City has been placing money in reserve to cover this anticipated cost


Staff and Council at the City of Kimberley has been aware for some time that there was going to be a big hit to the RCMP budget because of retroactive pay.

On August 6, 2021 the first ever RCMP collective agreement was ratified. The agreement established compensation for members over a six year period from April 2017 to March 2023. That means there is a considerable amount of back pay due to members of the Kimberley Detachment.

The cost of that is estimated to be $227,000.

However, because it was known this was coming, the city has been able to set aside a reserve to cover the payment. Right now the reserve sits at $441,762.

There has also been a contract cost adjustment, which will add a further $55,891 to costs.

City CFO Jim Hendricks has proposed that that money also come out of the reserve for just this year.

“The RCMP provided us the cost of operating with eight members,’ Hendricks said. “We ask them to manage for seven members, rather than eight. It’s possible at some point they may say they need a full eight members. It’s about $150,000 per member per year.”

As part of the RCMP Municipal Police Service Agreements there are different cost-sharing formulas for municipalities with RCMP contracts.

Kimberley falls into the municipalities with populations from 5,000 to 14,999, and pays 70 percent of the cost base described in the policing agreements. The federal government pays the remaining 30 percent.

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